Continuing to fall in love in 2014

As the love month of February comes to a hasty close, I am reminded why it is I love my life. This isn’t me bragging. This is me looking around and realizing that having a bleak outlook on the world and life in general is worse than almost anything. Worse than a hangnail on a fresh manicure. Worse than a sinus infection. Worse than even a black eye on your wedding day! These situations are just little blips in your long life.

Though nothing particularly fabulous and newsworthy happened this weekend, I was surrounded by people I love while doing so many things I love. To sum it up, I did it all, I made no excuses, I did everything I wanted to and was asked to do this weekend and today, a MONDAY of all days, I feel so full!

So, how will you fall in love with your life in 2014? I am not going to tell you that the sun shines out of my orifices on the regular. I have hard days. Rough days. TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE days. The thing is; my outlook is positive. I am inspired by so much. My husband. My children. My creativity. My friends. If you don’t have these things….find something that does inspire your mood. Something that changes your outlook.

So then WHAT IN THE HELL did I do this weekend that has me doing the happy dance on a Monday? I thought you’d never ask…

  • I snacked and drank with friends while laughing and taking breaks from eating and drinking to have a killer in-home dance party. I had NO IDEA I could pop, lock and drop it so well.
  • I worked on banners for my upcoming Craft Crates party with one of my best friends. Starting a fun little business venture with my friend has me busy and jazzed.

craft crates

  • I hung out with my mini-me, my son and my husband. We spent some quality time with some of our amazing friends
  • I had a sleepover with my daughter in her room. We watched Rio and snuggled. My kid could win an award for Best Snuggler.
  • I went with two of my friends and my 6-year old on a hike. Having a 360 degree view of the Valley of the Sun on a clear day is breathtaking. Starting your day off {when you can} with a hike like that is exhilarating.

ave and mama spook

  • I went to a brunch with MOST of my closest girlfriends and all of our babies to see our friend who was in town from New York before she journeyed back to the east. Eating, drinking mimosas and laughing with each other. Sometimes your girlfriends are the best medicine.
  • I ended the weekend by eating dinner with my family, tucking my kids in to bed and making lists {which I LOVE to do} for my upcoming week. Being a busy mom/wife/career woman/new entrepreneur is hard work but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


So, are you inspired? If you cannot find inspiration in YOUR daily routine, choose someone else’s and piece together a happier, inspiring, more FULLFILLING life.

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Girls With Glue Guns

I’ve begun quite and exciting journey! One of my best girlfriends and I have started a business of sorts. Simply put, we both are ridiculously crafty. I don’t mean to toot my own horn but it’s what I LOVE to do and in our {spare} time (I say this with a lot of sarcasm because we are both career women and mothers of two busy kiddos) we craft our hearts out but we are never content! Enter….GirlsWithGlueGuns! On our Instagram we will feature amazing home decor that we have created for sale, featured crafters, DIY tutorials and most importantly our monthly Craft Crates! Craft Crates are easy, ready-made craft projects. We will host monthly gatherings where you can choose 1 or all of the projects offered for that month. We will measure, cut and overall prepare you a box with all the necessities to create a DIY project! All with the help of us, wine, snacks and lots of fun! Keep checking back for posts!



At it again….

Tutorial coming tomorrow….


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These Vagabond Shoes…

These Vagabong Shoes...

Wanderlust: A very strong or irresistible impulse to travel. Where have you been? Where will you go? What/who will you see? It’s time to take my first trip of 2014 to the east. Oh the city that doesn’t sleep, how I have missed you.

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DIY Decorated Coffee Mug

I’ve got a problem. Indeed I can admit it however I will not change it. I refuse to keep my addiction at bay. I would argue that I am not hurting anyone (myself included) so I don’t ACTUALLY see the issue. My addiction; When I love something, I sorta turn it in to an obsession and start collecting. Anything from pens, Sharpies (ohhhhhh I have so many fabulous colors), notebooks, handbags, best friends, WHATEVER I love, I collect.


My dad started me on collecting coffee mugs. As a kid I started drinking coffee in the mornings with my dad {it was the 80’s, he is an amazing father, I’ll ask you NOT to judge} and I loved how every single mug he owned was different. We didn’t have “set’s” of coffee mugs like we had sets of dishes. They were collections of mugs from companies he had worked for, vendors from said companies, states he had visited, etc. I didn’t have a favorite, I LOVED them all. There was one in particular that was plain white and in green writing it simply said, “Everything’s Copasetic.” I loved that cup. As a kid I had NO IDEA what that even meant but I still thought it was so cool.

I accidentally started a collection of my own when I turned 18 and got my first apartment. I went to the dollar store and got 4 mugs, all different colors because I find it boring if your coffee cups match. Then, as I traveled through the state or when I went on vacation I started to buy them along the way. I peruse thrift stores and antique stores and buy anything that catches my eye. My collection STILL was so juvenile compared to my dads.  Years later, I suppose when he thought I was ready, he gave me his collection of mugs. I love love LOVVVE them. I use the “Everything’s Copasetic” mug very often. Oh sweet nostalgia.

coffee mugs

I love to give coffee mugs as gifts to my friends that love coffee as much as I do. The problem is…we all seem to have every amazing cup that Anthropologie has to offer. I’ve given all I can give from that glorious store. Not really but in terms of coffee mugs…I think I am tapped.


So here I sit…trying to figure out my next coffee cup gift and I go ahead and drift into the lovely rabbit hole that is Pinterest. Thus I have decided to post my first DIY craft project.  I’ve taken the liberty of changing some of the evil ways of coffee cup DIY’s that simply turn out horrible. If you’re going to do it, DON’T HALF-ASS IT. Here goes…

DIY Coffee Mug

First and foremost…start simple. Don’t get a coffee cup that is colorful and exciting. You are going to make it that way on your own. So here is what You will need:

1. Plain white porcelain coffee mug- I got this one at Michael’s in the wood/porcelain isle. It comes with paint and a brush. You wont need it so toss it or put it in a craft bin for another project. It was  a whopping $1.99

2. Sharpie pens-The colors are your choice but I encourage you to get the OIL BASED paint pens. They work the best for this project. There is a large variety of colors at Michael’s, check them out here.

3. Stencil or alphabet stickers (if you’re free handing then you can skip this step)-I don’t want to be a complete snob BUT my husband got me a Silhouette Cameo for Christmas and it has been named “the Saint” in my house. I created a stencil with adhesive vinyl since I don’t LOVE my free hand lettering. You can certainly free hand or use sticker stencils.


Make sure your cup is washed and completely dry. You will want to figure out a placement. For mine, I placed it for my right-handed friend with the wording facing out when she holds the cup in her right hand.


Making the stencil. Again, I used my machine and measured the dimension of the cup. This is what I chose:

oh hey

Once you have decided, its time to either make your stencil or start drawing! I used vinyl for my Silhouette to create the stencil. I set my machine to cut vinyl and adjusted my blade to a 1.


Once the stencil is placed, chose your color. For this cup I chose these:


This is the easiest part…color inside the lines or free hand your phrase. If you are using a stencil, let the paint dry and only do one generous coat. Otherwise you may get cracking once we bake. Once dry, peal the stencil off. It should be dry in about 5-10 minutes. Next, I added a few dots and cute accents (my initials on the back) to my liking.

oh hey fk


Time to bake! Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and place cup right on the rack immediately. Don’t preheat your oven! Placing the cup in the oven from room temp to 350 can cause cracking. Set a 30 minute timer and wait…


Once your 30 minutes is up, turn off the oven and leave the cup in there to cool down WITH the oven. This will avoid cracking and shattering. I waited 2 hours.

THATS IT! How cute, simple, inexpensive and completely original is this idea?

I hope this was helpful!

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Things I Love: Friday Edition

I am continually falling in love. Maybe its the tiny little optimist that dwells within me, constantly yelling at  me to put my big girl panties on and stop bitching about stupid shit. LIFE HAPPENS, to everyone. I am not special in that life singles me out to kick my teeth in. LIFE does that to everyone and if a person presents themselves as if their entire life and surrounding circumstances are perfect, they are fooling themselves. You don’t want to be friends with perfection. That said…I find it impossible to silence the optimist, thank God. So here it is, my optimism spewing before you in text:

Things I LOVE

  • Making lists-I make a list for everything. Grocery lists, to-do lists, lists on what lists I need to make.
  • My tattooed, foul-mouthed, sexy tall drink of water husband. ME-OW.
  • My witty 6-year old. God bless her and her sas. She is my mini-me.
  • My fat baby. That’s right, my 3-month old is a little fatty fatty and I love every chubby inch of him.  
  • My face-I love every face product I own at the present time. My cleansing, moisturizing and makeup routine is ON POINT. Just ask my blemishes…oh that’s right, I have none. Thanks Philosophy, Benefit, Bare Minerals, NYX, Crown Cosmetics, Smashbox and Urban Decay for basically being amazing.


  • My Silhouette Cameo-For Christmas my disobedient husband gifted me a Silhouette Cameo and completely ignored the “lets have a minimal Christmas” comments I  made over and over. Bless him. This machine is amazing and I am discovering so many new things it can do. Mind: blown. Check out my Pinterest board and see for yourself! YOU’RE WELCOME in advance, Sorry to your wallet.
  • My girlfriends-I am busy hydrating and preparing my liver, abdomen and cheeks for lots of booze and even more laughs. My best friends and I are going on one of our proven-to-be-epic mini getaways to Heber, AZ. A small community nestled in the high country of Arizona. It doesn’t get much better than girl time with these ladies. Add in a cabin, air mattresses, trees, woodland creatures, temperatures below 20 degrees and an extreme amount of beer and you’ve got yourself quite a snowy shit-show of excellence.
  • Being back to work-I love my job. I love my company. I love my adult interaction. Being on maternity leave for 3 months was GREAT. Until I ran out of money and started to forget what day of the week it was. I am a working mom. I am a career woman. I cannot window shop anymore and need my handbag fix. The truth shall set you free.

If you do NOTHING ELSE in 2014, release that little optimist from his/her chains! If you can’t think of ANY ONE THING that makes you happy start writing them down as you do think of them. I have so many reasons to be thankful and so many reasons to worry. I don’t dwell on the bad because what good does it do? Don’t mind me, I will just be busy falling in love with my life in 2014…



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Brighter than the sun

I simply love color. On any given day I am wearing no less than 4 colors. I don’t try to so this, it comes naturally because I am NATURALLY colorful. In recent months I have stepped up my lip game in a major way. Gone are the days of a plain pout. My lips happen to be my best feature and when I was younger I was extremely self conscious about them because they seemed to consume my face. As I got older I realized that men and women pay to have what I have.

MAC cosmetics has been my pathway to perfect my pout. Today’s lip is MAC Relentlessly Red (matte finish) with Dynamo liner. Though I love the look of a matte finish on others, my lips crave moisture so I completed my look with Urban Decay’s Lip Junkie lipgloss in Crush.



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Baby steps

They say you need to crawl before you can walk, right? Well…I am not sure who they ARE but they seem to have their hands in everything! If only THEY could help me create, manage and eventually KICK ASS at blogging then I would believe that THEY could rule the world. So, what now? I want to believe I am this absolutely fabulous, incredibly interesting, adorably funny and devastatingly beautiful creature and that I will take the blogging world by the balls. Throw it out in the universe and it will be so, right? WRONG. I know some of those people. Who, in my eyes, are all around fabulous. I would like to be one of them. Baby steps.

Blogging is for smart people. People that can just think of something that people want to read about and BOOM, they put it to word. I can’t even choose a blogging site/theme/layout and I struggle with subject matter. Seems to me that these days EVERYONE is a photog. EVERYONE is a fashion icon. EVERYONE is a blogger. I do believe that everyone has a unique story thus they have something to say. I don’t believe that everyone can do everything. If this theory were true then we would all be equally amazing and how boring would the world be?? Here is what I do know; I cannot and I will not go at this alone. I have a great support system in my friends and family who laugh at my jokes and embrace me for my flaws and appealing characteristics. I am a mom, a wife, a career woman, a crafter, a beauty product connoisseur, a handbag/shoe/accessories enthusiast and now, I intend on being a blogger! If I could only decide on a site/theme/layout and that ever important content. Baby steps, indeed.

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